These two last years were very good for me. I’ve met good people that have brought me something, I almost bankrupted, I changed the city I lived in, I changed my job, I changed my outlook on life. And, from now, everything was for better.

But this doesn’t “just happen”. Nothing happens for nothing. I don’t believe in the concept of “luck”, but in that everything has an explanation and we simply attribute to the luck what we can’t explain.

These are the three main events that changed my life the last two years:

1.- My wife almost dies.

It’s a curious thing: If you are allergic to a medicine (even when you don’t know it) and a doctor gives you that medicine, the most probably thing that will happen is that you will feel bad. Really bad. Leaving you in a coma state and almost send you to the grave.

Well, this happened to my wife at the beginning of the year.

What I learnt from this?

Everything. It changed completely my scale of values. It was the trigger for everything else. I think that every person has a “Revelation” moment in life and this was mine.

I stopped giving so much importance to work, dedicating it so many hours, feeling anxious about it. I realized that life is fragile, that it only takes a simple prick of a mediciney and then you could order the coffin and all stops.

Truth is that a disgrace can happen at any moment but seeing it in first person made me appreciate more what I have and the small time we have in life.

2.- I changed the city where I lived and forgot about the car.

I lived in Aranjuez, Madrid. And when I went to work, I have to use the car. When I wanted to take a drink, I have to use the car. When I have to do the daily shopping at the grocery, I have to use the car. This translated in 180.000 km in less than 4 years. A lot of car hours, a lot of stress, a lot of tyre changes and revisions and, above all, side ram a truck in the highway. Not funny at all.

At the beginning of the year I moved to Barcelona and now I’ve just moved to Basel, Switzerland. I’ve done, in ten months, 540km with my car. In fact, I’m selling it.

What I learnt from this?

It’s related to the first point: Our time in life is limited. Very limited. If you can live in a place where you don’t need to use your car but going walking or by bus to your job, shopping, etc, life changes completely.

3.- I started a project… and almost bankrupted without finishing it.

Last year, 2013, I decided leave a bit aside my first occupation as developer and risk to start a project in my home state, Galicia. Disasterous time calculations, erroneous cost calculations, excess of confidence in my capacities, etc. Everything that could be wrong, went wrong. Result: Almost bankrupt.

What I learnt from this?

As we say in Spain, it put me in my place. A few things:

Nothing is as easy as it seems. Nothing. And start a company is stupidly complicated and hard.

There are a thousand detaild that you don’t think when you start a project: Papers, permissions, administrations and even the climate.

As much as you believe in your project, that’s never enough. Everything else has to go with it. And sometimes shit just happens.

Nothing is as easy as it seems. Yes. Two times. Do you calculate X costs? Multiply by three. Do you calculate X revenue? Divide it by ten. Does it pay? Maybe you have a small chance then. Always, I mean, always, you have to consider the worst scenario possible, because it is going to happen at any point.

Having said that, to crash was one of the best and worst experiences in my life. They were months in which a learnt to value having so few things and also learnt to eliminate needs.

I also acumulate anger and frustrations for the next decade. I’m doing well with that, thanks :-).

Would I repeat the experience? Yes. No doubt about that.


These have been the three main events that have changed the way I am, the way I work, the way I interact with others and the way I face the life.

The events that make I enjoy every moment I live and every situation in life, being this good or bard.

Because… think about it: You only have (with luck) 30 more “good” years of life. Why worrying too much instead of dedicating to just live and enjoy what you do?