This sentence is frequently used in motivational video clips, motivational talks, deceitful salesmen, etc. And that’s the reason I don’t really like it that much.

But it’s also true.

I’m a web developer and, I think, a not bad one. But the truth is I’ve been training the last 10 years to become one, every day, all day and, this is important, I like it. I truly love coding. I enjoy solving the puzzle of a problem and finding the best solution for it. So 10 years doing what motivates you isn’t a big deal.

I'm going to try to write this in sentences less than 140 characters, because I really like the twitter format. 


Generally speaking, working with people is not so easy. 

Managing projects is one of the most challenging and enriching experiences one can have. If you like it, of course.

Big projects, lots of people, different ways to see and solve a problem, sometimes big egos, many troubles to go through.

In my career I've worked with different kind of people, bosses, teams, clients, and all kind of situations. Some bad, many good ones.

Please be aware that it's a metaphor. I'm not talking about not having a REAL country of birth.

Some people are attached to their birth country in any way. It's not my case. I don't feel Spanish at all and, even more, since I had become an adult I had the feeling that I was in the wrong place.

It's not an uncommon feeling, right? Lots of people have a strong identity with their flag or the values that it represents, and lots of people don't. There's a third group that feels more comfortable or represented by the values of other countries.

These two last years were very good for me. I’ve met good people that have brought me something, I almost bankrupted, I changed the city I lived in, I changed my job, I changed my outlook on life. And, from now, everything was for better.

But this doesn’t “just happen”. Nothing happens for nothing. I don’t believe in the concept of “luck”, but in that everything has an explanation and we simply attribute to the luck what we can’t explain.

These are the three main events that changed my life the last two years:

See? This is my first post in English. I'm quite sure that I'm going to make a lot of mistakes - I'm Spaniard - and so what? I want to try new things. You should do the same.

Try to do things you've never done before, trying to improve. Leaving your comfort zone behind is what matters at the end. What's the bigger risk? People making fun of you? Forget people.